For the winter of 2018/2019, Teacup will be offering a pilot program for adult skiers (18 and up) who wish to enhance their cross country skiing experience in an athletic based training group.

The curriculum will include formal technique sessions run by USSA certified coaches. Regular workouts will occur twice a week and will include physical training schedules that will differ based on skier goals, whether it be race oriented or a fitness lifestyle.

Participants will also be expected to lead small group workouts under Head Coach instructions.

Optional inclusion in a phone and/or email list will enable more frequent, informal sessions.

Race participation is not required or expected but is encouraged. A few select races may have coach and wax technician support; this will incur a race day fee.

To promote the identity and cohesiveness of Teacup, certain workout sessions will be combined with the Junior Development Program athletes. Also, Teacup Adult/Masters will have an opportunity to purchase a Teacup Race suit.

The program will have three terms to best fit differing seasonal needs.

Off Season, June, July, August. Workout schedules, and coached sessions on rollerskis and other “dryland”  training methods, but will include broad-based fitness modalities (biking, hiking w/poles, etc). Cost of the program for Pre-season starting 2019 to be determined.

Pre-Season, October, November. This will focus on ski specificity, but not limited to rollerskiing. Specific strength, agility, and ski-movement based High Intensity Intervals. Times are Sunday Morning 8 am rollerski at Marine Drive. Tuesday 5:45 pm strength training at Mt Tabor. Wednesday 4 pm interval training at Mt Tabor (rollerskis or running shoes and poles). (headlamps are a must for the winter session). Cost of the program for Pre-season starting 2019 to be determined.

Ski Season, December, January, February, to mid-March. On snow as much as possible. Regular meeting days will be Wednesday late afternoon/early evening (headlamps are a must for the winter session), and Sunday mornings.

$400 for the Winter On-snow season.


Pay via – you can pay along with membership or at any time later.  Select your desired program in the “Training Options” dropdown menu. 

Times and meeting locations for Winter Schedule: Teacup Lake, Wednesday evenings 4:30pm-6pm. Sunday Mornings 9am – noon. If there is a lack of snow, in-town dryland sessions will be scheduled as necessary.

For more information, contact head coach Karl Andersson at to sign up for the mastersxc mail list, subscribe at