Teacup and area school programs are in need of volunteer ski coaches to assist the Youth, Junior, high school and Masters programs. Therefore, the Teacup Nordic Ski Club is starting a Coach Development Program.

Every coach trainee will receive formal training in coaching methodologies based on the material supported by the United State Ski Association and will be delivered by USSA certified coaches.

To encourage participation in the Coaching Development program, trainee coaches who in intend on volunteering with Teacup Nordic Education programs will have the fees for the Coach Development program waived. If you are intending to coach at a local school program the fees apply, but you might able to have the fees paid for through your school district.

Also, those who wish to pursue USSA Coach certification and are volunteering to coach or instruct through the Teacup Nordic Education program you can apply to the Teacup board for reimbursement of some or all of the fees involved in USSA certification (excluding basic USSA membership fees).

You must be a member of the Teacup Adult/Masters team as a prerequisite ($400/winter season). Volunteers that are involved with coaching any programs at Teacup (Youth, Junior, Adult/Masters) will have the Coaching Development fees waived.

Adult/Masters fee (winter) $400

Coaching Development fee: $100

Go to http://membership.teacupnordic.org/ to make payments.  Select your desired program in the “Training Options” dropdown menu. 

For more information, contact head coach Karl Andersson at masters@teacupnordic.org