Much of Teacup Nordic’s operation funds come from people who purchase an annual membership. Purchasing an annual membership at the beginning of the season provides the club funds for grooming and operating costs right up front. It also frees you up to just show and ski – no need to make a daily donation. Trail grooming is contracted and costs over $2,000 weekly. Teacup also has to pay for the special use permit, repairs, kerosene, toilet paper, emptying the outhouse tank, and all the other obscure expenses of running a groomed ski program. We do not get any funding from sno-park permits, state or federal agencies. We need everyone’s support. Become a member!

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited skiing on Teacup groomed trails
  • Grooming reports via E-mail
  • The camaraderie of belonging to an active cross country ski community.
  • 10% discounts at selected ski retailers (see our Local Ski Shops page) 
  • Race schedule and clinic info
  • Voting rights in the Teacup chapter. Help make the decisions that will affect your favorite ski area!

Teacup Nordic Membership Dues

The minimum suggested dues for Teacup membership are listed below. Those who can afford more are encouraged to do so. In the Pacific Northwest a comparative study of membership rates and trail fees charged by other not for profit run trail systems reveals the rate listed at Teacup is – on average about 40% less than the average rate and in many cases is less than half the membership rate of other areas. We try to keep the membership as low as we can, so that anyone who wants to ski will feel welcome as a full member, but our costs of operation do increase each year so we hope those members that can do a little more will step up each year to a level similar to that charged by other areas.

Individual: $60 (High school/college students $20.00)
Family: $100.00

Lifetime adult (and student children)
Individual: $1200
Couple: $2400

Teacup Nordic Club is a chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club a non-profit organization. Donations beyond the base membership level may be tax deductible and help to fund general operations of the club as well as the Teacup Youth Skiing Program.
Federal ID # 93-0670232 Tax Classification: 501(c) Oregon Corp No. 079612-12

Join Teacup

It’s easy:
Renewal/Registration is now on-line Donate via PayPal or credit card at

OR print form and mail with a check.

OR if that fails on your browser fill out the Teacup Membership Form, sign the liability waiver at the bottom of the form, and mail with a check to:

Teacup Lake Nordic
1767 12th Street #363
Hood River, OR 97031

The Oregon Nordic Club has chapters around the state of Oregon with varied events and activities. See the Statewide Website for more info.
Teacup Membership Site
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