Become a Teacup Member

Joining up and purchasing an annual membership at the beginning of the season is the easiest way to support the grooming and operations at Teacup Lake Nordic Club.  It also frees you up to just show and ski – no need to buy a daily trail pass. View our Membership page for more information on dues and benefits. To sign up for a membership online go to

Make a Single Donation

Were you out of cash when you visited the Teacup Trails? Forgot to pay the trail fee the last time you skied at Teacup? Maybe you just want to contribute. No problem. You can give us your donation here with your PayPal account using the form below. Teacup Nordic Club operation costs are paid for solely by trail fees and memberships and your support is greatly appreciated. If you are a current Teacup member, please use the Teacup Membership site ( to make any additional donations. We like to keep track of your generosity .

Please do not use this page for the Youth Ski or Development Program participants – use the Membership site.

Minimum donation is $10.00