The youth program is for kids age 8-14. We meet at Teacup on Sunday mornings during the winter.  Practice time will be 10:30-Noon. Our first session will be January 8. We will meet for 8 consecutive Sundays.

There are three levels based on the age and experience of the skiers. We share a belief that developing young Nordic skiers is best achieved by learning the fundamentals of classic skiing first, before introducing skating. Our pedagogy reflects a strong emphasis on good classic skiing technique.

Further, skiers will be taught basic fundamentals of ski maintenance. Skiers will be introduced to concepts regarding how to make sure that their skis will function properly for the subsequent ski session.

Level 1: for beginners to this sport, 8-13 years old. Skier Goal: develop comfort with balance and glide on a ski, have fun with on-snow challenges, skiing will be specific to classic technique. Downhill skills will also be taught – stopping, cornering, going fast and having fun with glide. As skiers progress they will be moved into level 2 and level 3 programs.

Level 2: for skiers with some experience, from 8-10 years old. Skier Goals: furthering classic technique – kick and glide and weight transfer through games. Challenges on skis, obstacle courses, jumps, slalom courses, downhill cornering challenges are some of the things we play around with on classic skis throughout the season. Skiers from this group will be introduced to racing skis and grip waxing. Skating might be introduced to level 2 skiers late in the season.

Level 3: for skiers with some experience in both techniques, from 11-14 years old. Skier Goals: developing skier confidence and competence in both classic and skate skiing. Racing at local and regional races will be encouraged, but not expected.

Each level is taught by volunteer instructors that have been trained in the best practices of ski instruction pedagogy.  Lessons are fun, engaging, and encouraging with identified outcomes.  We place a premium on kids having fun, falling in love with the sport of skiing and on becoming excellent skiers.  Preparation for racing is not the priority with the youth program, but opportunities will be available to participate in local and regional races.

As the participants in this program grow up and mature they will be referred to participation in the Teacup Junior Program, which trains and teaches high school and advanced middle school skiers.

Calendar and registration information is included below.

Program cost for 8 sessions is $75.

To sign up, download and complete the Registration Form (Word document) and also download and complete the Medical Release Form (Word document).

Contact: Head Coach Robert Schlichting at  for questions regarding the youth program.

Key Dates for the Youth Program:

  • Sunday, January 8: First practice at Teacup, 10:30AM
  • Sunday, January 15: Practice at Teacup, 10:30AM
  • Sunday, January 22: Teacup Classic – our local race! 9:00AM
  • Sunday, January 29: Practice at Teacup, 10:30AM
  • Sunday, February 5: Practice at Teacup, 10:30AM
  • Sunday, February 12: Practice at Teacup, 10:30AM
  • Sunday, February 19: Practice at Teacup, 10:30AM
  • Sunday, February 26: Final practice at Teacup, 10:30AM