Please follow some basic rules, etiquette, and common sense policies to help keep Teacup Nordic a safe and fun place for all skiers.

  • Become a member or pay the daily trail fee of $10.00 per skier per day for adults; kids ski free. Please do your part so that we can continue to offer the best groomed ski trails on the mountain! Trail grooming is contracted and costs over over $3,700 weekly.
  • Sorry, no dogs.
    Dogs are not allowed: dogs and groomed trails don’t mix well. It is a safety problem and dogs damage the groomed tracks. Take your dog to one of the 30 other cross-country ski areas where dogs are allowed. Dogs and snowshoes are allowed at Pocket Creek, Bennett Pass and on some of the Mt Hood Meadows area trails.
  • No snowshoes, cycles or walking are allowed on the groomed trails
    Mixing snowshoes, bikes and skis on the same trail does not work. There are a lot of places to snowshoe on Mt Hood, but Teacup Nordic is not one of them.
  • Ski within your abilities and ski at your own risk.
    Teacup Nordic area is occasionally patrolled by the Mt Hood Ski Patrol, but does not have any medical staff on site. A sign near the cabin will indicate that the ski patrol is active. At other times, call 911 for emergencies.
  • Carry out your trash
    We do not have trash pickup at the cabin.
  • Enjoy yourself, have fun and be nice to other skiers.
    We all have more fun that way. Be especially nice to the Club volunteers.
  • Use the Ray Garey day use cabin.
    It’s great for warming up, stowing extra gear or having lunch out of the weather. It’s a place to meet other skiers and to feel like part of the ski community. The cabin is usually open to the public on grooming days from 7 AM until 4 PM or occasionally on other days if a Club volunteer is available to open it.
  • Please use the sheltered restrooms.
    They are not heated, but very comfortable.