Teacup Nordic is a designated Nordic Ski Area by the US Forest Service and is operated by the Teacup Lake Nordic Club a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are volunteer operated and our continued operation depends on trail fees, donations, and membership fees. No public entity provides any financial support to Teacup Nordic. Volunteers maintain the trails and facilities and organize cross country ski events and races.

Teacup Nordic is committed to providing all members and participants in Club programs an environment free from harassment, hazing, bullying, sexual misconduct, emotional misconduct, and physical misconduct.  The Club does not tolerate any of these behaviors. Any concerns should be directed to: president@teacupnordic.org.

Trail Grooming

Trail grooming is contracted and costs over $3,700 weekly. Teacup Nordic also has to pay for the special use permit, repairs, firewood, toilet paper, emptying the outhouse tank, and all the other obscure expenses of running a groomed trail program. We do not get any funding from sno-park permits, state or federal agencies. Become a member or pay the daily trail fee of $10.00 for skiers 18 years and older. Kids ski free at Teacup Nordic. Please do your part so that we can continue to offer the best groomed ski trails on the mountain! Spread the word! Others will feel better about joining if they know you do your part.

Ski Lessons

Teacup Nordic does not have regularly, scheduled ski lessons and we are not officially in the business of giving lessons. In the past few years the Club has held an annual Tea Party fundraiser that includes lessons in skate and classic skiing taught by member volunteers.

Planning for the Future

Teacup Lake Nordic Ski area is using a TRAFX infrared trail counter system to gather data on skier patterns during the snow season. This technology allows the club’s board to measure the number of users days during the season so we have reliable numbers of guests and members served by our club. With this useful knowledge about on the patterns of skiers and scale of use board will be better inform how our club plans and meets the needs of our club members and guests.